We have a purpose

We have a purpose

We each have a purpose, something that we were created for we’re each unique with different gifts passions and purposes. Figure out how we can best share this gift with others because we will only get all we want in life if we help other people get what they want.

Give your best to each of today’s pursuits and then go further because the more value you can create for others, the more value they’ll return!

Ask yourself at every moment is this necessary. We each have a limited amount of time and energy to achieve our goals, yet more times than not we spread ourselves thin by chasing too many goals all at once. As a result, it’s all too easy to get distracted lose focus and fail to consistently follow through on all our plans we need to learn to say no to things that aren’t necessary!

Strategy to prioritize what’s important

Step 1 Jot down your 20-top goals you want to achieve.

Step 2 Take a good hard look at what you’ve written then circle your top 5 most important goals those are the most urgent one’s.

Step 3 The items you just circled are in list a and the remaining stragglers, but you just made yourself a shortlist of priorities everything you didn’t circle just became you avoid at all costs list no matter what these things get no attention from you until you’ve succeeded with your top 5!

Prioritizing then by limiting yourself to just 5 goals ensures that your magnifying the effectiveness of your time.

Finally, it’s better to hang out with people better than you! Choose associates with better overall qualities than yours and you’ll drift in that direction, you can leverage the power of alliances!

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