Bringing Science and Technology to the Nutraceutical Industry

Kiya is dedicated to a healthier, happier global community.

KIYA Therapeutics is a Veteran Owned Business that was established in Chandler, Arizona, to contribute to the wellbeing of the global community. Our supplements facilitate improved neuroplasticity, quality sleep, detoxification, and reduced inflammation. For optimal health, combine our products with the KIYA Protocol.

At KIYA, we believe that modern society has impeded our journey to wholeness. Many of us turn to synthetic chemicals and medications to cope with our pain. But in so doing, we often create more problems than we solve. Today, the nutraceutical industry is facing increased economic pressure, and we’re seeing unprecedented efforts to contain the explosion of medical costs. At KIYA, we chart a different course, pursuing sustainable growth through innovative products and new market categories. Always true to our philosophy, we won’t rest until every preconceived idea about nutraceuticals is debunked. Join us, as we navigate this exciting consumer-centric revolution today!

As we age, our brain chemistry changes, and over time, manifests in reduced cognitive performance and learning capacity. Declines in cerebral blood flow, acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) levels, and the density of dopamine and GABA receptors lead to plummeting recall abilities and reaction times. KIYA Therapeutics supplements can make a difference!

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